Lighthouse Foundation



We're Marching and MOVING!

The song says, "We're marching and moving, onward and upward, the Kingdom of God is on a forceful advance!"

Our worship center is located in sector 24, Chandigarh. We are so honored and privileged to worship the Almighty in such a beautiful facility that is dedicated to winning lost souls and seeing lives restored through the Blood of Jesus.

We have experienced so many awesome miracles in the past years. Marriages Restored, Souls Saved, Alcohol and Drug Addicts Delivered and Set Free, Physical Healing and Miracle Manifestations and so much more. We know God has had His hand on this church and He is now taking us to another level!

As we MARCH and MOVE, we are about to see the greatest days of this church! We believe His return is so close and we have just a little longer to tell all we can that Jesus loves them and that they can have eternal life through Him.

March and Move with us!! Maybe you have been looking for a church that preaches the uncompromising Word of God, that is not ashamed of the anointing of The Holy Spirit and that has true love for people... Then You Have Found Your Home Church!! Join hands with us as we see our latter be greater than our past. Be a part of a mighty army that is taking His message of Love & Grace to everyone that will hear!

We love you and remember... Lighthouse Worship Center: Where The Passion Of God Burns and The Love Of God Restores!

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